Google set to unveil Nexus One


Google is expected to unveil its much-anticipated Nexus One handset tomorrow (January 5).

Google announced in October it will launch its own branded handset using its Android operating system. It has organised a press event at its headquarters in Silcon Valley where the device is expected to be unveiled.

The device, manufactured by Taiwanese maker HTC, is to include a touchscreen, Wi-Fi and five megapixel camera. The device has been compared by online bloggers and news outlets to Apple’s iPhone device, but the Nexus One will retail for a fraction of the price and be pitched at a wider consumer audience.

In terms of specifications, the debut Nexus One will be out-gunned by other Android models already in the market, or set for release at CES and Mobile World Congress. However, Google’s marketing plans for the device are expected to distinguish it in the market – in terms of its price point, sales channels, branding and advertising.

The device is expected to cost $530 (£310) SIM-only on launch in the US, where T-Mobile and Verizon are understood to have already agreed distribution.

As with the original Apple iPhone, the Nexus One is not expected to be subsided as part of a contract. However it will not be network-locked as Apple devices have been issued.

Details on UK operators are expected to be announced at the press conference tomorrow.