Voda confirms 20 iPhone dealers


Vodafone has confirmed the proposed sales partners for its launch of the Apple iPhone in the UK on January 14.

Vodafone and Apple are working through final accreditation with 20 indirect dealer agents for sale of Apple iPhone devices, including 10 ‘premier partner’ dealers who connect customers directly with Vodafone and 10 ‘gold partner’ dealers who go through Vodafone subsidiary Yes Telecom.

Selected Vodafone premier partners are as follows:

CBS Comms Centre (Cambridge)     
Cellular Solutions & Services (Brighton)      
CCS Mobile (Newcastle)     
Excalibur Communications (Swindon)
Garnell Corporate Comms (London)
Grapevine (Poole, Bath)  
Premier Telecom (Fareham)
The General Telephone Co (Salisbury, Yeovil, Bath)
The Word Direct (Cardiff)
Totel (Derby)

Selected Yes Telecom gold partners are as follows:

Active Telecom (Northumberland)
Fone Solutions (Newcastle)     
JHL Communications (Glasgow)      
Olive (London)       
Premier Mobile (London)       
Pure Mobile (Northampton)  
Redsquid (Borehamwood)  
Sprint Communications (Basildon)     
Totility (Croydon)      
Wish Communications (Northampton)

Vodafone is the first UK network operator to go to market with the Apple iPhone through all its direct and indirect sales channels simultaneously. It said it will go through the training and accreditation process with further dealers in due course.

Vodafone UK head of indirect marketing Alex Windle said: “We are the first to launch the Apple iPhone through all our sales channels at once. We are the leading UK network in the enterprise market, and Apple has put a major focus here. Our dealer partners are essential to our strategy in this sector.”

He added: “We have selected this first wave of dealers and are working with Apple now on the second wave of partners to make the iPhone available through. We want everyone to have easy access to the iPhone. We will work through the accreditation process as quickly and thoroughly as possible.”

Windle said the dealer selection process has taken into consideration dealers’ size, market share, penetration, experience of data sales, and geography.

Vodafone has taken record pre-orders of the iPhone, it said. It launches the device across its direct retail, telesales and web sales channels on January 14, alongside third parties.