BCW launches new headset range


Bluechipworld (BCW) has added to its product portfolio by launching a new range of Bluetooth headsets.

The new entry-level BH32, BH95B and BH95C follow the BH08 Bluetooth headset, which is stocked by retailers Tesco, Argos, Halfords, Toys R Us and Phones 4U.

All three headsets weigh 8.8g, offer five hours of talk time, 70 hours of standby time and have a range of up to 10 metres. All retail for £9.99.

Other additions to the company’s product range include the BH20, BH19 and BSH18. The BH20, which offers improved talk time and standby time, compared with its other entry-level products. The BH20 is 7mm thick and comes with noise suppression, echo elimination and duplex sound technology to allow for clear audio during calls.

It is available in both single or dual microphone and various colour options, currently sold in pink in Tesco with an RRP of £19.99.

The BH19, which also boasts a customised colour range, is a metal-chassis, dual microphone Bluetooth headset with mono and stereo capabilities designed for increased sound quality.

It also accommodates an additional earpiece attachment designed to make it better to use as a stereo headset for audio devices. It comes with an RRP of £24.99.

The BSH18 features the same echo reduction and noise cancellation technology as the BH19 with up to five hours talk or playback time or 100 hours standby time. A 3.5mm jack point enables users to combine the device with alternative headphones. It comes with an RRP of £24.99.

Bluechipworld managing director Simon Hassell said: “The latest additions to the Bluetooth range compliment the existing product portfolio which has been a huge success amongst customers. The additions to the range mean that with more designs to choose from we can cater for every taste and budget.

“More Bluetooth products are planned for 2010 along with mobile accessories, charging solutions and audio devices, as well as extensions to the mini mobile series which will be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas.”