Palm UK app store set for March


Manufacturer Palm is to launch a UK applications store, ‘Palm App Catalog’, for Palm Pre users in March.

In parallel, it will open online stores for users in Ireland, Germany and Spain. The launches follow its US site for paid-for applications, which went live in December.

The app store is being supported closely by the Palm web OS developer e-commerce programme which Palm hopes will build a developer community for the brand, boosting its presence in the app store market.

The developer programme enables developers to create, distribute, promote and monetise applications to Palm customers either through the Palm App Catalog or through distribution via the web. Interested developers pay an annual fee of $99 (£62) in exchange for support and promotion for their apps.

Launched in the US in December alongside the App Catalog, the programme has seen more than 600 new applications made available in just two months.

Palm customers in the UK currently only have access to limited free applications.

Palm senior vice president of product marketing Katie Mitic said: “Our programme will be unlike anything currently available and has been established to promote a thriving community by giving developers direct involvement in their own success.”