BCW intros new Apple cases


Bluetooth product manufacturer Bluechipworld (BCW) has launched a range of new accessories for the Apple iPhone and iPod Nano.

The Smart Power Case for the iPhone offers up to eight hours additional talk time, seven hours video playback and six hours internet browsing time. It also features a built-in LED light for use with the camera or as a torch function and a SIM card ejector pin. The case is available in black or white and comes with an RRP of £19.99.

Bluechipworld managing director Simon Hassell said: “Anyone using an iPod or iPhone will understand that Apple has revolutionised the MP3 and PDA markets with these products. However, there are some absent features that can leave owners feeling frustrated such as the lack of Bluetooth capabilities on the iPod and the lack of a flash on the iPhone camera. 

“At Bluechipworld we have tackled these problems by providing a range of attachments and accessories that improve the ownership experience.”

The Smart Power Case joins a range of multifunction leather cases with built-in chargers and speakers, including the iPod Nano Wallet Case, which allows users to enjoy audio entertainment without the need for earphones. This is also available in a range of colours and comes with an RRP of £19.99 as well.

Hassell added: “We have already developed a core range of iPhone and iPod accessories including a complete range of cases and covers, in-car and mains charging devices as well as a comprehensive range of speaker products.

“We will continue to bring new accessories and devices to market, such as the newly launched iPhone Smart Power Case, offering more choice and functions compatible with Apple technology.”