Device Advice: Nokia E52 – Another Eseries hit


Eseries models may not sell in massive amounts at the big high street retailers, but they’re central to B2B dealers looking to attract new business and keep existing customers on board. These phones are of course well known for being associated for this type of customer and Nokia knows how to ensure that each version is well built and packed with functionality.

The original E50, one of the slimmer Eseries models, was succeeded by the equally impressive E51. This has now being followed by the E52, bringing the latest set of features.

The camera has increased from two to 3.2 megapixels, along with an LED flash. In the past, the E50 and E51 were available without a camera, to appease businesses with camera bans.

Despite being just 9.9mm thick, the E52 still accommodates a massive 1500mAh battery, allowing the E52 to continue the tradition of Eseries models offering incredible battery life. This is an area that customers are icreasingly considering to be extremely important, so be sure to stress this as one of the E52’s main strengths.

The E52 comes with N-Gage, Nokia’s mobile gaming platform. Therefore when a customer fancies a break away from the pressures of work, they can be playing games like Bounce 3D, Guitar Hero Mobile, Tomb Raider: Underworld or Worms World Party. The increased speed of the processor means the E52 runs extremely smoothly.

Being a phone pointed towards the B2B market, there is of course support for push email, Microsoft Exchange and Office documents. There are two extra buttons to take users to upcoming appointments or new messages, or if held down, add a new appointment or create a new message.

The camera is decent but not brilliant, but the LED light is bright. VGA recording is included, which is a good addition.

The latest version of Nokia Maps is available and this takes advantage of the phone’s integrated digital compass. If a user stands still; and turns the phone, the map rotates with them – making pedestrian navigation very easy. There is no need for a customer to upgrade to get the full turn-by-turn instructions, but this is recommended for drivers wishing to use the service.

Data can also be backed up and synchronised via a number of different services, such as SyncML, Ovi Sync and Microsoft ActiveSync. List these options to your customers as data back up is of course extremely important in the business world.

The standby screen shows all the information a customer needs at their fingertips about messages and upcoming appointments, and they can switch easily between business and personal modes.

The numeric keypad and T9 may seem a bit of hindrance for entering texts, but other Eseries models such as the E75 come with a slide out keyboard, designed to make entering text easier. There is also another alternative; an E52 with ‘BlackBerry SureType’ style keyboard.


As BlackBerry continues to roll out handsets that B2B customers take a shine to, Nokia can’t afford any slip-ups. With the launch of the E52, Nokia has ensured this isn’t the case with a sturdy, dependable, candybar shaped phone that is packed full of features, and is easy on the eye. Along with the E75, with its full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, there still appears to be life in Series 60 on the business side. Solid battery life really does confirm this as a top phone.