Orange pulls N97 Mini for faults


Orange has permananetly withdrawn the Nokia N97 Mini from its channels after return rates reached 20 per cent.

Orange told Mobile News late last year it has increased its focus on stocking quality handsets.

Mobile News understands Orange’s threshold for returns is one in 10 devices. It refused to stock the original Nokia N97, as it failed to meet quality testing. The N97 Mini passed testing but returns since launch in December have reached 20 per cent and forced it to pull the handset, claimed sources.

Orange said in a statement: “We can confirm that Orange UK will no longer continue to range the N97 Mini as part of its existing handset portfolio. We remain committed to supporting the device for existing customers and look forward to working with Nokia in the future.”

Nokia, however, claims to have experienced minimal levels of return from N97 Mini sales and was unaware of software issues related to the device.

Carphone Warehouse continues to sell the device on the Orange newtork, and staff claim returns due to faults have been minimal.

One staffer said: “The N97 Mini has been popular and, unlike the original N97, has been relatively fine.”