Industry to gain $17bn revenue


The mobile industry is expected to be the primary revenue driver in the consumer electronics sector this year, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Smartphones will continue to drive sales of mobiles with revenues projected to be $17 billion (£10.59 billion) and more than 52 million unit sales in 2010. Smartphones account for 30 per cent of total mobile shipments and the percentage is set to increase further this year.

Netbooks have spearheaded sales of computers and it is expected that netbook sales this year will continue to lift the consumer electronics industry. Sales of netbooks more than doubled last year and this year it is predicted that more than 30 million notebooks will be sold, providing the industry with over $14 billion in revenue.

Total consumer electronics shipment revenues decreased by 7.8 per cent last year although volumes increased by 10 per cent, marking the reduction in prices across the board.

CEA director of industry analysis Steve Koenig said: “Smartphones and netbooks are primed for strong growth as consumers continue to seek efficient, portable devices.

“With more consumers seeking content anywhere, anytime, the demand for products facilitating these experiences will drive purchases going forward.”

(CEA) president and chief executive Gary Shapiro said: “2009 is a year none of us wish to repeat and now we look forward to 2010. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is the bright light of innovation.”