Data Select gets Apple/Voda deal


Data Select has agreed with Vodafone to distribute Apple iPhone handsets from online orders.

Data Select handled provision of all Vodafone iPhone pre-orders ahead of its release last week, around 50,000 devices.

It took delivery of stock last Monday (January 11) at its Slough distribution warehouse. They were dispatched last Thursday to coincide with the launch.

Peter Jones’ Data Select distribution business has held a Vodafone website fulfilment contract for some time, and will continue to deal with handset orders from the Vodafone site.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: “Most orders have been through our online website and Data Select has been asked to fulfil all pre-orders for the iPhone for this particular project.

“Data Select is delivering a significant number of iPhone 3G and 3G S handsets to our customers for the day of launch. We have received some significant orders.”