O2 FMC provider in new funding


The UK arm of Danish company GoHello, which has an
exclusive arrangement with O2 in the UK to lease its FMC product, was sold to private investment firm JD Partners (JDP) in December.

GoHello filed for bankruptcy late last year and went into liquidation on December 8. All staff in Denmark had their contracts terminated, with many unpaid. GoHello customers in Denmark lost service on December 11 after its servers were shut down.

Danish rival Blue Position purchased its Danish assets on December 16, including 20,000 customers. Its UK assets were sold to JDP, which will gain funding  to launch it internationally under a new brand. The fate of GoHello staff in the UK is uncertain. It claimed service to UK customers is normal.

In July last year, GoHello agreed to provide O2’s branded Mobile Landline. 

O2 has confirmed the service and its customers remain unaffected.
An O2 spokesperson said: “Mobile Landline is not affected in any way. We will continue to provide uninterrupted service for existing customers and continue to sell to new customers.

“We are absolutely committed to the on-going success of O2 Mobile Landline, it is a truly differentiated offering and unique in the UK business market place.”