Vodafone OneNet customers sign


Vodafone has signed around 50  early SME customers to its OneNet unified communications proposition. It expects around 30 fully-fledged customers to have signed by June, when the service is made available to dealers to sell.

At the same time, Vodafone One, its equivalent proposition for the corporate sector, is has been taken on by six customers, including an initial deployment with McLaren.

Vodafone UK enterprise director Peter Kelly said Vodafone is to offer Cisco hardware also with Vodafone One, which integrates with Microsoft OCS, alongside Nortel and Avaya PBX compatibility.

Vodafone has appointed resellers 4Com, formerly Data Sharp, and Excalibur Communications as OneNet agents, and it is expected to announce further partners in the next weeks.

Kelly said: “Vodafone OneNet has seen us invest tens of millions in capital expenditure. The target was to be working with early customers in September, and we are now in final incubation with around 50. We ramp up to scale on April 1.

“There has been so much interest from the mobile and fixed line arenas. Those two markets are converging, and the investment we have made puts us in a unique position.

“Others are putting together commercial propositions that bundle fixed and mobile, but our integration goes much deeper and further into the Microsoft environment. We are uniquely positioned.”

Kelly said One and OneNet will save customers around 20 per cent on their communications bills. He said customers are ultimately more interested in the productivity gain from efficient communications tools, however.

“They want to be more productive and that is what we intend to deliver.”

A spokesperson added: “The pipeline is strong and we’re working with customers to ensure we achieve service excellence across all aspects of Vodafone OneNet – not just the hardware.

“Response to a [One] lead generation campaign over the last two quarters has proved fruitful with many appointments in the pipeline.

“It’s particularly popular with public sector/local authorities and the manufacturing sector.”