Dealer Sales Corner: Office Comminicator


As Britain freezes, the benefit of enabling staff to work remotely is apparent. Office Communicator enables remote workers to communicate via IM, VoIP and video conferencing.

The Federation of Small Businesses says up to three million missed work because of snow on January 5, costing businesses £600 million. The Centre for Economics and Business Research predicts more than 2,000 companies could go bankrupt as a result of the current cold snap.

Snow is just one way to bring unprepared businesses to a halt. Every few months, there are disasters that prevent people going to work, ranging from a Norovirus bout to floods, train and tube strikes, terrorist threats and bomb scares.

Office Communicator provides a proven and effective way of functioning at full capacity when employees are unable to make it to the office. But what are the benefits to dealers and resellers?

Firstly, dealers that offer Office Communicator are expanding their offering to include unified comms (UC), which enables workers to communicate seamlessly via fixed-line, mobile and computer tools and thereby increase the value of their businesses threefold.

Once a dealer expands to offer UC, they have a greater capacity for retention. When customers sign with Office Communicator they are ‘stickier’ because their systems become embedded in a more complex offering.

The RRP for Office Communicator is £8 a month – our price to partners is £5.11. Large dealers and resellers can obtain profit margins of 55 per cent on packages while smaller partners obtain profit margins of 25 per cent.

For partners struggling to include IT as well as mobile, this represents a easy low-cost way to enter the market.

UC over the cloud is a compelling solution, which demonstrates to
their dealers’ customers a commitment to become part of what will certainly be the big story of 2010.