Mike: O2 partner saved from extinction


GoHello’s mobile office telephony product was genuinely new and clever when it launched in the UK – to the point this magazine recognised it with an award for ‘industry advance’ at the 2009 Mobile News Awards, and to the point O2 leased its product and branded it Mobile Landline for the dealer market in the UK.

It appears, however, some managerial directional uncertainty in Denmark through the middle of last year cost it in an era when strategic cohesion is essential. As a result, it has gone from a profitable business in the black to the point of extinction.

The UK appears to have been its saving grace, which is why perhaps its assets were sold off separately – with Danish rival BluePosition taking its customer base there, and a private investment firm that includes by a former GoHello board member snapping up its UK business and O2 contract.

Rumour of further funding from the East and global expansion abounds.