Carphone plots new RIM variants


Carphone Warehouse is discussing BlackBerry exclusives and variants with RIM.

Carphone commercial director Graham Stapleton said: “We are building a closer relationship with RIM. Our aim is to provide a differentiated proposition for the customer, and we are working towards that aim by sealing more exclusives.

“We have had a lot of success in the past with RIM and work very closely with it to provide a solution that consumers want.”

In February 2008, Carphone secured a pink variant exclusive of the Pearl 8110. In July 2009, it received exclusive rights to sell the Curve 8520 in violet.

Meanwhile, Stapleton denied vehemently Carphone had been warned by RIM ahead of Christmas about selling BlackBerry products into the grey market.

Said Stapleton: “We don’t wholesale BlackBerry and we have not been in talks with it about this. BlackBerry sales have been very strong and feature heavily in our point-of-sale material. We don’t rely on wholesaling of products.”

Sources claimed large volumes of BlackBerry stock from Carphone was finding its way into the grey market in the months before Christmas.

However, Mobile News understands Carphone’s grey trade has ceased since it came under fire from Nokia for wholesaling massive volumes of the 5530 overseas.