Fone Logs stocks Crystal Ball


Fone Logistics will be stocking the Crystal Ball vehicle tracking product for its dealers.

Dealers can receive £375 commission per vehicle registered to the service. The Freedom tariff starts from £20 per month and there is no minimum contract length.

Crystal Ball is a web-based tracking application that can be accessed anywhere through an internet connection. Customers can also access their fleet’s information through Visio, which offers basic information through a smartphone.

Customers with fleets travelling in Europe can use the My Europe tariff, which offers 10MB of roaming data for £12 per month.

Crystal Ball sales director Andrew Smith said: “Our extensive research and knowledge acquired from our existing customer base over the last four years, shows that users should not exceed 10MB of data when roaming in mainland Europe. Therefore this tariff provides complete peace of mind at a fixed cost. This offers a huge opportunity to target international users where roaming costs have been traditionally very high and as a result uptake has been limited.

“Both Freedom and My Europe are exciting propositions which are attracting a lot of attention, but we always knew that they would.