Sharp End: The hacker-hackers’ revenge


Quite some time back I reported the iPhone hacking community had a gripe with Jody Sanders of on the grounds it was selling on widely and freely available iPhone unlocking software solutions for £20-£30 a time, and passing it off as its own.

Now the hacking community is fighting back. As well as various campaigns to gather information on the owners of – which by the way has been very successful and managed to publish home addresses of directors – the hacking community has now managed to hack into the very database of all’s customers.

This is said to be in the region of 21,000 customers.

These hackers have emailed all 21,000 customers and advised them that has been illegally reselling freeware and instructed them to also demand a refund as per its ‘satisfaction guarantee’.

The hackers have been so kind as to give the telephone numbers of the company for customers to take up the refund offer. Power to the hackers.

Full article appears in Mobile News issue 455 (January 18, 2010).

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