Speakers’ Corner: A unified comms revolution


Part of the work undertaken in 2009 to support the strategy for growth for Daisy was a review of the business telecoms market and forming a view on the likely changes in the mobile market, in particular the impact of convergence.

Convergence has promised to deliver for several years but to date has failed to make material inroads into separate supply to customers of fixed and mobile services. However, we believe that circumstances are now right for a material change in the market to develop over the next two years.

The key enablers for change can be broadly placed into four areas: the mobile networks; the progression of technology in fixed mobile convergence; the growth in hosted PBX adoption; and market conditions.

In recent years the mobile networks, particularly O2 and Vodafone, have moved from being a barrier to convergence to embracing the change and planning to be market leading in fixed as well as mobile.

Technology for fixed mobile convergence (FMC) has been progressing and new solutions are being delivered. However, to date most solutions have lacked the core network integration to enable a simplified mass market user experience.

Full article in Mobile News issue 456 (February 1, 2010).

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