Dealer Sales Corner: Contact Pro for SMEs


The latest edition to our contact centre suite is Contact Pro which we are pitching as the ‘gold service’ inbound call centre option.

The key to this is that it is compatible with any number, be it a mobile, a standard landline or a premium rate ‘0870’ number.

The other two options we have are more basic packages. Contact Point provides customers with time of day/week routing, call diversion when busy/ out of hours and online graphical depictions of where inbound calls come from. Contact Path includes all of the above plus areabased routing, which routes a call to a number depending on the call location.

Contact Pro also includes call queuing, call recording and advanced online statistics for monitoring and management information. Chosen numbers can also be routed to an alternative number that is not busy, which can be pitched by resellers as a ‘VIP’ service. It is designed for small to medium sized businesses with between 60 to 80 employees.

The wholesale contract is 90 days, so resellers can sell it on for whatever length they see fit. We think this may be up to four years because once a customer signs up to such a service, they are unlikely to move to another provider.

This is one of the benefits of selling such a service – there is little legwork done by the reseller and much to gain in terms of margins. We will be providing margins of 30 per cent upwards, which will be worked out on an individual basis.

End users will have access to an online management system, allowing them to take full control of the service, and allowing the reseller to focus their attention on gaining new customers.

Contact Pro will be available to resellers from January 26 and we are putting together a roadshow to showcase the product for those interested next month.

The price is to be confirmed.