Fone Logs targets new channels


Fone Logistics told Mobile News it will increase its customer base by 15-20 per cent in 2010 by targeting new markets, notably fixed line resellers.

Marketing director Julien Parven (pictured) said it will use its reinstated Vodafone licence as part of its proposition for parallel sales channels, and to also swell its offer to existing agents. Fone Logistics is connecting Vodafone via Yes Telecom.

Fone Logistics, which claims saround 200 active airtime sellers, regained its Vodafone licence in November. However it is “controlling” rollout to avoid cannibalisation of its good O2 base in particular. Just 20 dealers are connecting Vodafone for it. Around 60 per cent of Fone Logistics’ upgrade business went to O2 in 2009.

Fone Logistics wants also to retain close ties  and good sales with Orange and 3, the latter accounting for around 35 per cent of new sales in 2009.

Parven said: “We have been clear from the start we don’t see Vodafone cannibalising our base. Our Vodafone partners can almost sit outside of our traditional network of channel partners. Under no circumstance would we be prepared to see degradation of our O2 business to feed Vodafone. We see them as parallel channels and separate opportunities.

“We want to grow the brand and grow it in areas we currently don’t trade in. We see a big opportunity in the non-traditional reseller market – comms resellers, fixed line resellers and ultimately IT resellers. My challenge is to reposition the business and start talking to those channels and help them make the transition in to mobile.”

Parven claims Fone Logistics is O2’s number one distributor for volume, churn, ARPU and customer satisfaction. Its objective is to retain this position through 2010.

Parven said: “We have strong goals and aspirations. From a trading perspective, 2009 was a really great year and we have set the stall out for a number of things we want to achieve. We can win market share because of the way we do business and the agility of our decision making and the success we have with our network partners.

“Our target this year is to consolidate our position as number one with O2 – regarding volume, ARPU and customer satisfaction. It is also to help it grow its landline piece.   Clearly we see a parallel opportunity with Vodafone. Churn will not be tolerated.”