HSC targets large T-Mobile growth


HSC wants to double the number of its T-Mobile Pro Stockist dealers after achieving 100 per cent retention levels in 2009.

HSC launched its T-Mobile Pro Stockist scheme in May last year, offering selected dealer partners additional support through T-Mobile’s dedicated business account support (BAS) team. HSC is the only distributor to be able to offer its dealers direct access to T-Mobile’s BAS team.

Dealers are accepted on to the plan by achieving set targets and a history of low churn on T-Mobile. Benefits include complete protection of their T-Mobile customer base from other T-Mobile channels. Dealers also receive “above the line” help and assistance with their customer accounts.

Collectively, HSC dealers on the scheme must achieve a minimum of 90 per cent retention per quarter. HSC currently has 34 dealers using the scheme, typically upgrading 1,000 connections per month on T-Mobile.

After achieving 100 per cent retention, HSC sales manager Carlos Pestana (pictured) told Mobile News HSC wants to double the number of dealers on the scheme to 68.

Pestana said: “Since we launched the Pro Stockist scheme we have seen Business 1-Plan sales increase by 80 per cent and also saw 100 per cent retention from dealers using the T-Mobile BAS team. The only criticism is we perhaps didn’t have enough using it.

“We wanted to make sure today we come across loud and clear about this service – it’s a fantastic service and a really good resource for our customers to use. I want more dealers to take advantage of it. Dealers get their base protected and above the line support from BAS. It was an area we did well in last year, and is something we want to push more going forward.”