Mobile to pass fixed internet subs


Over 300 million people access the internet by using mobile technology, research by Ericsson Research has found.

In 2010, the number of global subscribers to mobile web will reach one billion it claimed, surpassing the number of fixed line internet users. This would primarily be down to increased capabilities in mobile phones.

In two years time, the number of mobile broadband connections will be between four-to-five billion, with the majority of new consumers coming from emerging markets – mostly China and India.

By 2020, there may be around 50 billion devices connected.

Ericsson Research vice president and head of research Jan Färjh said: “People are used to accessing the web. If there is a possibility to bring all services and applications with you wherever you are, it’s natural that the usage of mobile broadband will be tremendous.

“The performance of the mobile networks are continuously being improved. We are confident that we will be able to handle larger numbers of users as well as a larger amount of traffic.

“This is just the beginning for mobile data. Services, applications, screens, graphics, performance and battery lifetime are all in the early stages. Ericsson is working to improve the use of the latest technology to build solutions which will enrich the life of the end-users.”