MWC: Samsung debuts Bada phone


Samsung showed its debut Bada handset, the Wave S8500, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, at an off-site presentation the evening before the Congress proper.

The new Wave handset is the first to run off its open-source Bada platform, and features a 3.3-inch ‘Super AMOLED’ display it claims is sharper and less reflective than other OLED displays.

The device also features a Social Hub to integrate all contacts’ social networking profiles, and corresponding status updates and alerts. It integrates all messaging across SMS and social networking applications into a single ‘live’ mailbox.

It also works in an improved version, 3.0, of Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface, which allows customisable menus and homepage application features.

Samsung has incorporated a 1GHz processor into the Wave, an upgrade on the 800MHz processor in the Jet, which it claims distinguishes it from present competition in the market for speed.Connectivity includes Wi-Fi with wireless-N support, as well as Bluetooth 3.0 for extra fast data transfer.

The Wave also has a five megapixel camera with LED flash, and function for HD video recording/playback.

The Wave goes on sale in the UK, and globally, in April.

Samsung Electronics president and head of mobile communications J. K. Shin said: “Samsung Wave sees our platform vision become a reality. For the first time, developers have the freedom to create applications across multiple platforms, for consumption on a huge range of devices. In the Wave, our developer partners can see the ocean of opportunity that is offered by the bada mobile platform and our device technology.”