Home Truths: My Xmas message


Lesson #11: My Xmas message

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2010 to one and all.

Right, now that nonsense is out the way, normal service will be resumed. 2010 is going to be another interesting year. Once more the strong will thrive and hopefully another significant percentage of the weak will wither and die.

A good hard recession serves a purpose in the absence of a network subsidised winter incompetence allowance and kills off some of the ordertakers, cowboys, thieves and vagabonds in the shallow end of the gene pool, and that should improve the chances of continued survival of the species. To quote a wittier man than me, those with a family tree that’s really just a stump.

A few fell by the wayside in 2009, many more will go in the next twelve months.

The Twelve Endangered Species of Xmas. (A prize to anybody who can sing it).

One numpty in a management role.

Two salespeople who believe qualification is asking when does your contract run out and are you the decision maker?

Three managers who tell people rather than show people how to be successful.

Four trainers who think the most important indicators of their success are the ritualistic happy sheets completed at the end of a session.


Six businesses that do not have a potential customer relationship management strategy as a part of their customer excellence programme.

Seven sales managers who abdicate responsibility for margin retention to lower paid and presumably less skilled staff.

Eight HR assistants who insist operations keep patently incompetent people in situ to avoid painful decisions and hit staff turnover targets.

Nine operations directors who still underestimate the impact of the internet on how we buy.

Ten directors and managers who prefer to hold inquests after the event rather than take immediate corrective action or better still put controls in place to maximise the chances of their charges getting it right at the time.

Eleven organisations that do not engage Rocket Science Consulting to help them over the next twelve months.

Twelve businesses that do not employ any wizards.

Thirteen recruitment companies that put forward candidates they have not met.

Thirteen? One of the above must have slipped in by accident. I’ll leave you to decide which one.

Make it fun!