MWC: Avenir in Energizer exclusive


Avenir Telecom has struck an exclusive European distribution agreement with battery manufacturer Energizer for a range of mobile charger accessories.

Avenir has worked with Energizer through 2009 on mobile charging products, and will launch them in the UK and Europe from June.

The exclusive runs until 2013.

Avenir showed a number of the Energizer products at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona including a series of mains and USB chargers compatible with HTC and BlackBerry devices.

Avenir UK sales director for accessories Stuart Balaam said by launch “all key” manufactuers would be supported.

Chargers will range from a single USB/mains chargers to “more premium” versions, which include multiple USB charging points. Others that will support all charging portals used by particular manufacturers.

Avenir said it  will also launch a number of non-mobile related Energizer charging products later this year, for netbook and laptop computers, gaming systems and GPS navigators.

Avenir will distribute the products through its 600 own-branded stores in Europe, as well as a number of other European retailers.

In the UK, Avenir is in discussions with “major” retailers about the Energizer range, includingspecialist mobile retailers and supermarket chains.

Avenir’s UK dealer base will also able to order and sell Energizer products from June.

Balaam told Mobile News: “We put a few teaser emails out to the industry in the past few weeks and the response has been overhwleming. We have received a significnat number of calls from businesses who want to talk to us about these products.

“We have had experiences in the past with accessory distribution where it seemed like we were banging our heads against the wall as there was little to differentiate us from the likes of 20:20 and Kondor. This differentiates. We now we have this range, and doors are opening. 

“2010 is a big year for the accessory division of Avenir UK. I’m not lookinhg to set the world on fire immediately – we don’t expect to be the size of Kondor in the next two to three years, but we will slowly build our distribution business in the UK and it will be substantial.

“We don’t want to replicate what the others are doing. We dont have 10,000 products, where some do. But the advantage for us is we are able to focus on the brands we have and work with the manufacturers more closely, and we have been very selective. Being part of a big group has tremendous advantages.”