MWC: Voda People app on Android


Vodafone has made available its Vodafone People application on devices running Google’s Android operating system.

Its Vodafone People application allows users to synchronise their contacts and bring together network feeds, chat applications and email accounts in a single place.

The Vodafone People application is now available  from Google Marketplace to users of any network using Android devices.

Vodafone internet services director Pieter Knook said: “We expect to announce the inclusion of additional platforms and devices in the near future.

The Vodafone People service is available on 100 handsets across five platforms, and to customers of any network. Vodafone said nearly 300,000 Vodafone 360 H1 and 360 M1 phones have been sold since November 2009.

They were its best-selling smartphone handsets in the Christmas quarter in the UK and Germany, it remarked.

Its 360 Apps Shop features 7,000 applications for download.

Knook said: “Registrations to the 360 service are increasing, running at a rate of four thousand a day in January.”

He added: “The two Vodafone 360 service software drops have added several enhancements and have made a number of inroads into the specific feedback we have received from our customers. Further software upgrades in the coming months will continue to add new features and functionality to the service.”