Window Shopping (15/02/10)


Nokia N900 goes for jugular
After a relatively conservative start to Nokia N900 below-the-line promotions, the campaign-proper kicks in this weekend with full-force window displays up and down the country. The flagship Maemo product rockets Nokia’s retail presence to first place, despite blanket coverage of the iPhone in Vodafone stores.

Carphone Warehouse
Nokia outflanks Samsung and Apple in Carphone this weekend with an enormous amount of voice dedicated to the Nokia N900, with the headline ‘Smarter multi tasking’. It matches Apple’s ‘speed’ message with its very own ‘power’ message, as the battle of the high-end touchscreens commences.

Phones 4U
Somehow Apple manages to battle its way through the immense amount of window noise in Phones 4U to beat HTC, LG, Samsung and RIM to the top spot. The £99.95 (Real Deal £109.95) LG Pop goes after the youth market, offering £40 of ‘free stuff’ which includes an H&M clothing voucher and, hold onto your hats, a six-month magazine subscription.

No changes in Vodafone retail stores with a stunning 100 per cent of window space dedicated to the iPhone. Interesting that Orange uses Phones 4U to push its iPhone variant and uses its home stores to promote Samsung, BlackBerry and Sony Ericsson (see Orange summary).

The democratisation of the BlackBerry 8520 continues in-store and coincides with the big rugger game. For £25 a month, you get a 24-month contract (boo!) and a free official rugby shirt (come on, England!). Elsewhere, the LG Chocolate goes out at £130, trying to reach style conscious young ladies with a free voucher for the ironically-named ‘Urban Decay’ make-up.

The mass market seeding of the BlackBerry in-store with a prepay headline price of £149 (Real Deal £159) under the headline ‘best for texts’ lights up Orange windows, this weekend. It’s a curious messaging strategy for the email device of choice to dumb-down – a bit like Gordon Brown saying ‘innit’ at the end of all of his sentences.

LG makes an unprecedented mainstream appearance in T-Mobile shop windows with the Pop and InTouch Max leading the charge. It gives them the highest Presence scoring this weekend, ins-store, ahead of phone giants, Nokia and Samsung.

To paraphrase Dire Straits: it’s ‘Nokia’s for a tenner and your Tweets for free’. All social networking store favourites offer themselves up on a £10-a-month tariff from INQ, Nokia and Huawa … Huawawah … Hua-Hua … the Republic of China telecommunications manufacturer.