MWC: Samsung’s enterprise play


Samsung has introduced a range of new enterprise mobility solutions in a move it says demonstrates its strong commitment in the enterprise mobility market.

Samsung enterprise solutions, delivered in collaboration with leading partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, Formotus, Spring Wireless, Sybase and Wipro, encompass key mobile enterprise solutions such as Enterprise Email, Enterprise IM, Security, MDM (Mobile Device Management), Unified Communications and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

The Samsung Enterprise Mobility offering comprises a suite of solutions and devices specifically targeted to the needs of enterprise customers. Samsung smartphones support enterprise solutions on Windows Mobile, and will soon offer enterprise solutions on Android.

Samsung is also actively discussing with mobile operators to commercially launch the solutions this year.

Samsung Mobile Communications Business executive vice president WP Hong said: “The Enterprise Mobiltiy Solutions we’ve presented today at Mobile World Congress really cement Samsung’s place as a major player in the enterprise mobility market. Support from leadingenterprise partners and major operators has proven Samsung’s commitment to deliver the comforts of the office computing environment to the smartphone – true mobiltiy without compromise.”