Barclay launches website contest


Barclay Communications has launched a website competition to help UK businesses get online.

The B2B dealer is giving businesses the chance to win a website worth £2,500 in the competition, which launched on February 1. The winner’s website will be designed and developed by Barclay Communications’ e-business team.

The winning company will have an updatable website that can showcase their products and services, provide a 24/7 instant customer feedback source and is designed for effective search engine optimisation. Interested parties should visit the dealer’s website to complete an entry form stating why they think their business should win. The deadline in March 26.

Barclay Communications’ e-business manager Tara Russell said: “Today if you are not online, your business is not competing and many UK companies are still in this position.

“A website that is developed for a businesses specific needs can increase sales and company awareness. It gives customers a useful information source and medium to communicate with a firm. It can also help smaller businesses to compete with larger companies; at a much lower cost than traditional advertising. The business that wins our competition will benefit from all this and more.”