Nokia hit by N900 charger faults


Nokia’s N900 tablet handset has been hit with hardware issues, the latest in a string of difficult launches for the Finnish device manufacturer.

Customers have complained of a major charger problem that isn’t covered under warranty. The two prongs on the charging cable are such a tight fit on the handset, that the whole microUSB port is coming away when they disconnect the cable.

A Nokia spokesperson said: “We are aware of reports that under certain conditions, the micro-USB port of a very limited amount of Nokia N900 devices can be detached. Product quality is of utmost importance to Nokia and we are investigating this issue further.

“Consumers who experience this issue should contact their local Nokia customer care. The same warranty applies to the Nokia N900 as with any other Nokia device. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

It’s another blow to Nokia, which has seen its N97 and N97 mini handsets hit by software problems in recent months.

Last month Mobile News reported Orange had permanently withdrawn the N97 mini from its channels after return rates reached 20 per cent. Orange has also failed to stock the N97, as it failed to meet quality testing.