Voda reclaims business lost to O2


Vodafone claims to be regaining business lost to O2 over the past two years with its Apple iPhone offer.

It claims to offer a “more powerful” experience than rivals, which have experienced capacity issues with their networks. Vodafone claims its infrastructure is robust, and has so far held up to the surge from iPhone users.

Vodafone UK chief executive office Guy Laurence stated the network has seen a lot of customers returning to the network to purchase the iPhone.

O2 dealers have instructed Mobile News they are receiving complaints from customers about deterioration of data speeds, with BlackBerry and iPhone usage cited particularly as a cause. O2 UK chief executive Ronan Dunne apologised in December for data outages and performance of its network in London.

Vodafone UK enterprise director Peter Kelly said Vodafone had deployed more than 1,000 new base stations last year and will make similar investment to increase its voice and data experiences to customers this year.

Kelly said: “We do have a lot of customers who were previously Vodafone customers and who went elsewhere for a number of reasons – the iPhone, one of them. We did over 100,000 in the first 10 days. Some of those who left are returning. And they are doing so because they understand we have the best network.”