3 signs reseller aql for M2M


3 UK has signed up mobile messaging and communication provider aql to offer its machine-to-machine connectivity.

The company will sell on 3 data packages for mobile-powered devices such as surveillance cameras, lone-worker safety devices and vehicle tracking.

As an MVNO-enabler, aql aims to have 10 MVNO data partners signed up in each quarter

3 UK MVNO account manager David York said: “As our network continues to grow we are looking for ways to capitalise on this ever-expanding footprint. The significant investment we are making in the network means that by the end of 2010 we will have a dedicated high-speed data network with nearly 98.5 per cent outdoor coverage.

“Such a broad and fast data network provides a good opportunity for companies with connected devices. We are working with aql because we believe they can help us expand our reach into this space and bring the benefits of our network to a variety of connected devices in the most effective manner.”

aql managing director Adam Beaumont said: “Our job is to provide the building blocks for value-added partners to go to market with and we see m2m as an expanding marketplace. 3 UK’s ongoing network expansion makes them a valuable partner for us because machine-to-machine access requires a fast and reliable data connection.”