Apps becoming more of influence


A third of moible users see apps as a major influencing factor over the handset they choose, according to TNS’ latest Global Telecoms Insight study.

The study quizzed 27,000 consumers and found that 33 per cent see content and applications, such as games, music and maps, as being a major factor in deciding which mobile to buy.

It also found that 13 per cent consider content and applications to be the single most important handset purchase consideration, compared to only nine per cent who pick their phone based on the model of handset and 12 per cent who make their choice based on the network.

TNS Technology group director Stephen Yap said: “As uptake and usage of mobile services proliferates, we are seeing profound changes in the way that people make purchase decisions and in the brands that are the most meaningful to them.

“While established handset makers are standing their ground, network operators are clearly under pressue from the rise of the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter. These content providers are increasingly capturing consumers’ loyalties and are leading the way in brining users the benefits of the latest mobile technologies.”