Voda top for mobile browsing


An independent survey commissioned by O2 has recognised Vodafone as having the fastest mobile internet browsing in Britain.

Tests were carried out on each of the UK’s five mobile broadband network to see which provided the quickest service. Tests took place at a range of times during the day, seven days a week, at 150 locations over a 60 day period with the aim of replicating general usage patterns and to provide a realistic overview of what speeds users are actually getting.

In 12 of the cities tested, Vodafone was quickest in five of them for web browsing, with Orange, O2 and T-Mobile sharing second place. O2 was the fastest operator for music downloads, with Vodafone finishing second in that test.

However the results have not been released with any geographical data, so consumers aren’t able to deduce which network is best in their area.

Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence said: “This week’s independent study by O2 is a welcome endorsement of Vodafone having the best network in the UK. We’re seeing continued high demand for our range of smartphones, including the iPhone, driven by consumers enjoying a great experience from our outstanding network.”

O2 chief technology officer Derek McManus said: “Ambitious claims are made about network speeds but the situation is far from clear cut. Accurate information and transparency are crucial in helping customers make sure they get the best from their mobile network.

“We commissioned this survey to make sure no one is misled. O2 offers faster speeds in many cities, and other operators in others.”