Devika: Hello (again) Moto


Motorola surprised Mobile World Congress attendees this year by announcing its intentions to launch 20 devices into the market and simultaneously unveiling eight new Android-powered devices.

Its stand attracted droves with demos of its Android army – the Dext, Milestone, Backflip, Quench, Devour, XT800 Zhishand, MT710 Zhiling and Motoroi and sundry other devices and gadgets to tease attendees to the stand.

Motorola itself admits that Android has thrown it a lifeline, after its market share tumbled in previous years due to a lack of innovation and reliance on its own, clunky operating system which required serious updating. Motorola certainly has upped its game and the selection of new devices, with unique form factors will ensure it gets its footing again.

Currently, the Dext and Milestone are available in the UK, but the other Android devices are yet to be giving the green signal for UK turf. Operators would likely snap up the opportunity to sell on the Motoroi, Korea’s first Android device, as its specification will make it a strong contender in Europe. It has a 3.7-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, eight-megapixel camera, HD video, running on the latest Android 2.1 operating system. The device has even been a talking point for Mobile News‘ sister publication, What Mobile‘s forum, so there is a demand for the device over here. 

Motorola also said it would be working closely with Windows phone, and is likely to launch a Windows Mobile 7 Series device in December.

It is playing hardball now, fighting back for market share and has proven it is a serious player in mobile, especially as it has announced its intention to run the mobile division as a separate entity, headed by co-chief Sanjay Jha in 2011.