Dealer Sales Corner: Teamfix and Lone Worker Protection


It’s clear from the feedback we get from the channel that a successful sales pitch differentiates partners in the minds of customers.

Our Teamfix solution can detect via a mobile whether the employee is in a journey, whether the journey is business related or private, and whether the driver’s behaviour is acceptable (if they are using their mobile and whether the call is inbound or outbound).

The employee benefits are clear – monthly time sheet mileage and expense claims are automated so there is no need for laborious paperwork at the end of each week or month.

The Lone Worker Protection service, which can be used as a bolt-on to Teamfix, offers red alerts (when they are in trouble) and yellow alerts (when they think they might be). Workers can log a yellow alert when they are working in potentially dangerous environments. The Romex software then triggers a red alert if, either, the user doesn’t leave the location in a pre-defined time or they don’t clear the yellow alert on the handset in the same time period. Traditional solutions deliver no visible return on investment, so dealers are able to pair this module with Teamfix and add value by demonstrating that a higher end handset and tariff are necessary.

There are three types of Teamfix solution – Teamfix Vision (SoHo), Teamfix Advance (SME) and Teamfix Enterprise (enterprise). All have a one-off licence fee of between £40-£75 per handset and a subscription fee of £10-£20 per month, depending on the term, handsets and modules they commit to. The lone-worker module is priced at £2.95 per month for self-monitoring and £5 a month if monitored by a 24/7 response centre. The job management module is £5 and must be deployed with Teamfix Advance or Enterprise.

Dealers can earn up to £500 per device depending on term, volume and dealer status. We run gold, silver and bronze models but all dealers are treated as gold for three-six months, depending on the build-up necessary to execute initial sales volumes.