Vodafone axes 375, hires 220


Vodafone is to axe 375 head office jobs this month, while recruiting 170 customer facing roles and 50 graduates in September.

The first of the cuts will take place in the next two weeks with roles within HR, marketing, finance and technology being cut. The cuts will be made in its sites in Newbury, Warrington, Newark, Banbury, Strobridge and Stoke.

Vodafone said the cuts are part of the network’s strategy to be more customer focussed.

A spokesperson said: “This has happened to remove layers that come between us and the customer. The focus is on the customer and we had to simplify the business to better understand what they need.”

Vodafone will recruit 170 staff for customer roles including sales, retail and customer care, while also hiring 50 graduates from the 3,000 that applied for positions. It is the first time Vodafone has launched a formal graduate programme, which is likely to be availble on an annual basis in the future.

Vodafone UK HR director Matthew Brearley said: “Vodafone UK will reduce its total number of employees by 375 roles from March 2010. The roles affected are in a number of areas, across a number of locations, primarily in back office functions. There will also be additional changes as further efficiencies and natural attrition in these functions take effect.

“We’re committed to increasing the number of customer facing employees which will help us simplify our business and continue to deliver outstanding communications services across the UK’s best network.”