20 sign to Gamma BrandBuilder


Gamma Telecom has signed 20 partners to its BrandBuilder scheme since launch in October 2009. Brandbuilder allows customers who might typically fail credit checks with other operators.

BrandBuilder enables dealers to sell its MVNO tariffs under their own brands, and to bundle in additional Gamma services, whilst appearing to retain the brand relationship with business customers as a white label service.

Gamma undertakes all handset and SIM card fulfilment, manages billing under dealers’ brands, and provides after care support, credit checking and fraud tools on behalf in the dealer’s name.

The scheme does not include any ARPU or volume commitment and has no penalties for churn or migration of end-users. Partners are given full control over the price they sell packages to end-users for, with a selection of one-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts available.

A revenue share of between 20 and 40 per cent on all billed revenues from customers is on offer to all channel partners.

Gamma Telecom mobile specialist Roan Pratt said: “We continue to have growing success with our Brandbuilder proposition with 20 partners signed up and the connections are starting to come through. We are always on the look out for additional partners, such as mobile dealers who want customer ownership but with all the back office done for them so they can concentrate on selling and Gamma are happy to take the low ARPU customers, not like the networks.”