3 to launch six Android phones


3 will launch six Android devices over the next three months to bulk up it’s Google-based platform offering.


3 head of internet services David Kerrigan said 3 will focus heavily on Android-based devices this year as the network reckons the platform will help drive sales going forward.


It currently only sells one Android handset, HTC Hero, and will work closely with Sony Ericsson and Samsung to market Android devices over the next three months.


Kerrigan said 3 will offer customers Skype and Spotify applications on more devices this year, particularly on low-end devices to appeal to a wider audience as well as integrating them on all Android devices it launches. 3 now has 400,000 customers using its Skype application.


Kerrigan said: “We are focussed heavily on providing our mobile internet-powered applications and will make them available to more people this year.


“The Spotify application will be available on all Android devices we launch on the network. These applications have been important in driving mobile data and will be available as an add-on for all contract tariffs going forward.”