O2 recycling pays out £1m


O2 has revealed its handset recycling service has paid out more than £1m to customers since launching in October.

O2 partnered with handset and electronics recycler Redeem five months ago, to offer any customer, regardless of network, the ability to receive cash for their old device.

Customers can receive cash for non mobile related devices also, including MP3 players, digital cameras and satelite navigation systems. Customers receive payment within five working days.

O2, who claims there are around 90 million unused handsets in the UK, donates £1 for every handset received to its ‘Think Big’ social change programme.

O2’s UK marketing director Sally Cowdry said: “We are committed to embedding sustainability at the core of our business, bringing environmentally friendly products and services to our customers, and making it easier for them to do their bit for the environment.

“The fact that we have reached the 1 million mark so quickly is testament to the popularity of O2 Recycle.”

Redeem chief executive Jamie Rae added: “Breaking the million pound barrier within a few months of the launch is a huge achievement for all involved and testament to the increasing environmental awareness of consumers in the UK.

“By recycling electronic devices we avoid potentially toxic waste being released into our environment and create communication solutions for people in the developing world where infrastructure can be poor.