Data Select passes £1m dealer aid


Data Select held its eighth Platinum Conference this month claiming marketing support has now passed £1 million since launching in 2007.

The Marlow-based handset distributor held its first dealer conference of 2010 earlier this month, and announced it has now invested more than one million pounds in to its Platinum Club since it was first formed in 2007. The Platinum club now includes around 60 members.

The conference was held at the Welcombe Hotel in Stratford-on-Avon and attended by more than 60 independent dealers and retailers, including Fonehouse, A1 Communications, Sprint Communications, Asda Mobile, Alternative Networks and Comet. 

The event was sponsored by Nokia and supported also by BlackBerry, Acer, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, which all made presentations. Bluechipworld, Nemesis, Onyx and SanDisk were also in attendance.

Data Select’s Platinum Club conferences are intended to offer partners updated  information, and the ability to speak openly and ask questions to both Data Select and guest speakers. Dealers are also able to test new devices before they launch.

Data Select chief commercial officer Roy Taylor said: “After two and a half years the Platinum Club is firmly established as the standard for hardware distribution loyalty programmes. During this time we’ve supported our members with over £1,000,000 in marketing support to drive their business.”

Nokia channel manager for mass merchandisers Rob Hunt added: “Supporting the Platinum Club is core to our sales and marketing strategy with Data Select, it brings Nokia closer to the people selling our products”.

Data Select’s next Platinum Club event will take place June 10.