Dealer Sales Corner: BES Express


Research in Motion (RIM) is a very interesting proposition with its BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. It is a challenge for dealers to differentiate themselves and find a way to ensure a loyal customer base. We are hearing more and more about the benefits of adding value, and providing additional solutions to move away from the box shifting mentality that used to poison the reputation of the channel.

The installation of applications which are important for businesses and the services attached is one way to differentiate and RIM’s addition to its BES series is one good example. BES Express provides the end user with huge cost savings as it is free to install and run, unlike the other BES services which require a premium for the licence.

It allows users to search emails on the server, book meetings and appointments, check availability and forward calendar attachments, set
an out-of-office reply, edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and access files stored on the company network. And, most importantly, it is very secure.

BES Express breathes life into the BlackBerry suite and is of great benefit to high quality, telco consultants. I say high quality because those that are in it to make short term profits and box shift or be money merchants will not prosper from such a service. Some dealers may find it difficult to understand why they should install a service for free on behalf of the customer as they are used to receiving margin for their work. The point here is the incentive comes in the long term when the customer comes back for other products because of the good service they provided.

When a business deploys BlackBerry devices for their workforce, it opens up a world of productivity and opportunities for dealers to sell in more applications which can be hosted and installed onto the devices.

There are financial benefits insofar as BlackBerry users typically provides dealers with higher ARPU and loyalty. Ultimately, the customer wants a unified experience.