Mike: Avenir and solus distribution


The dealer channel has shrunk from over 4,000 members to under 1,000 in the past few years.

The industry is more professional, and better in lots of respects. But it is much harder to make money, especially for airtime distribution companies.

It makes sense for Avenir to pursue an O2 solus deal. It has fallen harder than most in airtime distribution, in 12 months going from one of just two to hold a full-house of network contracts to one pushing heavily just one.

But O2 is probably the prize contract, for it is closer its partners and in possession of a stretching portfolio that can bring in much-needed new revenue.

Anglia appears, perhaps, to be holding on to its big five just. HSC’s Bob Sweetlove is a subscriber to the one-stop-shop ethos. Fone Logistics appears steady. But network alignment looks much closer.

Orange must surely wield the axe soon. T-Mobile is thought to be considering its strategy again. O2 is a good bet to make.