Anglia starts drive into Daisy base


Anglia Telecom Centres will begin to sell its airtime portfolio into parent Daisy Communications’ customer base from April 1, targeting a 25 per cent increase in its dealer base. It traded with 286 dealers in the last quarter, suggesting it is looking for around 70 new accounts through the Daisy Communications action.

Anglia Telecom, the only airtime distributor that retains contracts with all five UK network operators, told Mobile News at a dealer ‘clinic’ run in conjunction with O2 last week it is to step up following its acquisition by Matthew Riley’s Daisy Communications last summer, and will expand its base and product set in line with network demands.

Daisy Communications has started to sell its fixed line product set into the Anglia Telecom base already. Anglia Telecom will now look for Daisy Communications partners that specialise in fixed line to add mobile to their propositions.

Anglia Telecom managing director Dave McGinn said: “We’re looking at partners Daisy has got that are not selling mobile. We have distribution agreements in place with all the major networks, so Daisy partners have the full set. Those network partnerships are a big plus for us and could be decisive in their decision to put business through Anglia.”

McGinn added: “Daisy bought this business in August. Since, we’ve keept our heads down and delivered the right numbers. Daisy realises we’re in a position to move on, and into its base, which we’re not currently selling to. I would like to increase our existing base by 25 per cent.”

It will hand initial responsibility for the drive into Daisy Communicatioons’ base to a dedicated account manager. McGinn stressed partners must consider selling a broader communications portfolio to survive. It will, in the first instance, push O2’s Joined Up offer, which combined mobile and fixed line, where possible, said McGinn.

Meanwhile, it claims its legacy as a fixed line reseller and the profile of its parent puts it at an advantage when Vodafone’s OneNet unified communications offer for SMEs launches fully. Anglia Telecom said it might bring in additional specialists to push Vodafone’s offer.

McGinn said: “We’ll take people on in any areas where we’re weak. But, being a part of Daisy makes it easier because of the way various different businesses are bolted together. We need to make the best of that opportunity.”

Anglia Telecom was bought by Daisy Communications from Redstone for £17 million in August last year. McGinn admitted Anglia Telecom’s history of new ownership, with five owners in the past seven years, brought a degree of uncertainty with it.

But he suggested its popularity among buyers is a compliment to the work his team does, and pointed out the business had grown with each transaction.

“Each time someone has bought us, we’ve got bigger, so based on that there’s no way of telling if this will change in a year’s time,” said McGinn.