O2 restructures Partner Care team


O2 ‘Partner Care’ has restructured its team with the aim of building and maintaining stronger long-term relationships with distributor and dealer partners, it told Anglia Telecom dealers at a recent dealer ‘clinic’ run in conjunction with O2.

Originally the Partner Care department was made up of two large teams to look after all of its partners. Dealers are able to contact O2’s dedicated Partner Care team via Centre of Excellence distributors to resolve issues and seek out support.

It has now been split into six smaller ring-fenced teams of five-to-six people supporting three-to-four partners. Each now deals with calls and more complex e-services for those partners particular to the smaller teams.

O2 said this will also give it the ability to visit its partners more often to gain an insight into how it can better manage the relationship and make it easier for dealers and distributors to do business with the network.

In addition the teams can now easily see which partners contact it most and why, enabling it to work with them to ensure it can help them find easy ways of resolving issues that are most common.

Addressing the 25 partners in attendance, O2 partner customer service advance team manager Steve Croft said: “We’ve listened to partner feedback and acknowledged a mini support team is the way forward and something our partners truly value. It’s a lot easier for us to work with you, understand what your needs are and for you to understand what we expect of you.

“By building stronger relationships we believe we’re in a better position to support our partners and in turn our end users in a more efficient and balanced manner.”

O2 said that the focus of the stronger relationship as a result of these changes will be based on trust and fairness. It added that the changes allow for proactive calls out to partners and stronger visibility of the smaller teams and managers.

In addition it stated that it would also allow for an empowered environment for its advisors, working with the partners to create valued solutions.