April T-Mobile and Orange merger


T-Mobile and Orange will become a single legal entity in the UK on April 1, Mobile News understands.

Lawyers for the pair are expected to close the deal at a scheduled meeting next month and set up the new business with Companies House. It will be the first time they can share confidential financial and customer information.

Both Orange UK and T-Mobile UK will cease to exist from April 1. The new trading company name is yet to be revealed. Both brands will be retained for 18 months. But brands and assets will be controlled by the new trading entity.

The consolidation of assets, including 19,000 staff, will be “much quicker than anyone expects”. It has been suggested Orange’s and T-Mobile’s direct B2B channels could merge in July. Their indirect channels are expected to be joined by September, with a full review of distribution and elite dealer partners.

Orange and T-Mobile retail stores are expected to work off the same systems by September also, with significant rationalisation of their combined estate of 615 shops.

T-Mobile UK managing director Richard Moat (pictured right) is to be chief operating officer of the new business. Orange UK chief executive Tom Alexander (pictured left) will be chief of the company.

Both Moat and Alexander were in attendance last night (March 18) at the Mobile News Awards in London, with Alexander collecting the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award.

A source said: “People will be amazed at how quickly the integration process happens. It is a monumnetal amount of work but things will happen and be completed quickly. T-Mobile UK and Orange UK will not exist after April 1, being replaced by a new name. It is very hectic.”