Networks eye sWaP watchphones


RP Europe claims to have received “positive responses” from four of five UK network operators in the new range of ‘watchphones’ it is selling in the UK.

RP Europe is to sell sWaP watchphones and accessories into traditional mobile sales channels and new non-specialist retailers in the UK on an exclusive basis. It will look to range the sWap portfolio in high street retail, network retail and online stores. It takes charge of all delivery and logistics of the portfolio.

It claims also to be close to a deal with a “major” high street retailer to take the product, and also certain retailers in the Middle East and elsewhere in northern Europe.

RP Europe commercial director Mark Willoughby says: “With experience of working with ODM suppliers at other distributors to bring products to the UK, and to rebrand them, the team at RP Europe is aware of the pitfalls of trying to work with far eastern manufacturers.

“This time we have taken a slightly different approach and are working with a UK brand owner who understands the issues around creating a level of brand awareness for new products.

“The fact that we have been awarded exclusive distribution on what could be a really hot product demonstrates our commitment to be at the forefront of UK distribution. We were selected after a thorough review of the market because we can do most with the sWaP brand.”