New recycling code of practice


The Home Office, police and mobile phone industry have set a new code of practice and forum to prevent stolen mobile phones from being recycled.

20:20 Mobile, A Novo, Fonebank, Environmental Mobile Control, Mazuma, MPRO, Redeem, Royal Mail, West One Technology, Regenersis, Eazyfone, Mobile Phone Xchange and ShP have all signed up to the code of practice.

Companies who sign up will work closely with police and use the National Mobile Phone Register to check if a mobile has been reported stolen or blocked.

Around 100,000 handsets, with an average value of £25, which have been reported stolen to the police or blocked by their rightful owner, are recycled each year.

MP Alan Campbell said: “Working with the private sector has already produced some positive results in the fight against mobile phone crime and both government and industry are determined to see that continue.

“By blocking 90 per cent of handsets within 48 hours we are already reducing the incentive for thieves to steal phones and this latest initiative will make it even less profitable for criminals.
“I would like to thank those recyclers who are working with us to develop this new code of practice and would urge other companies to join this forum.”

Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum chairman Jack Wraith said: “The industry welcomes this very important initiative on the part of the recyclers as it not only closes off an avenue used by criminals to gain from theft of mobile phones it also demonstrates that those recyclers who have signed up to the scheme are serious in their efforts to support the continuing battle against mobile phone theft.”