Sony Ericsson’s new quality focus


Sony Ericsson claims its software and hardware issues with recent releases are in the past, and that its new portfolio of handsets will restore retailer and consumer confidence.

Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland managing director Nathan Vautier told Mobile News: “You need to be very conscious of how quality issues impact on consumers. There is now a massive focus on quality throughout the company. It has to be in the DNA of the whole company and it is now front and centre.

“There’s a complete focus on ensuring the quality is right. The release of the W995 was a step in the right direction and the Satio, with the updated software, is also in a very stable position.

“We’re confident we’re bringing very good products to market. We’re sure our products will be seen for their high quality. The Vivaz launching and performing well will cement that.”

Sony Ericsson released the Symbian-based Vivaz at the start of March. Its first Android-based handset, the X10, is due for release at the start of April. The X10 Mini, Mini Pro and Vivaz Pro are all slated for release late in Q2.

CSS Insight recently expressed concern that Sony Ericsson is the manufacturer they are “most worried” for due to the draining confidence in its products within the sales channel, following release of the C905 and Satio, principally.

And dealers reckon upcoming releases need to be reliable in order to restore customer confidence in the Sony Ericsson brand.

Mobile Zone proprietor Mike Young said: “Hopefully Sony Ericsson has learnt from its mistakes because the Satio and C905 were very problematic. The best advice would be for it to take its time, but there was a nine month gap between the Satio’s announcement and its release and it still had many problems. Sony Ericsson really does need to get these releases spot on.”

Another said: “There is little Sony Ericsson can do to convince me it’s back on track. I’ve got to the point where I’m putting people off its phones because I can never trust that they’ll be reliable. I’m concentrating on selling iPhones and BlackBerrys because they’re trusted and reliable. Sony Ericsson has slipped well down the pecking order.”