3 goes free on business internet


3 announced plans last week to offer free mobile internet to all business users at a Fone Logistics event in Nottingham, with 20 dealers in attendance.

3 said it updated its business plans because of feedback from dealers and customers, and also Fone Logistics, which accounts for 40 per cent of its business sales.

From April, new and existing customers on 3’s Business Share plans will automatically receive up to 1GB of free data at no additional cost.

3 is also allowing customers to add mobile broadband to their sharer deals for the first time for an additional £11.25 per month for up to 3GB on a 24-month deal. All tariffs include free on-network calls to 3.

Business Share tariffs cost £34 per month, plus an additional £11.25 per line. Business Share 1,000 allows 1,000 minutes or 2,000 texts and up to three users.

Business Share 2,000 allows 2,000 minutes or 4,000 texts and up to five users. Business Share 3,000 allows  3,000 minutes or 6,000 texts and up to seven users. Business 4,000 offers 4,000 minutes, or 8,000 texts for up to 10 users.

3 business division manager Renato Bottini said: “This is the first plan of its type in the market. We are enabling our channels to sell mobile broadband and voice to customers on the same plan.

“We sat down with some dealers who said customers were confused by their data plans and allowances, so we took it on board and removed it to make it a complimentary service. It will be unique. It’s built for new businesses.”

The Fone Logistics event was run in conjunction with BlackBerry manufacturer RIM and was open to all UK dealers interested or already connecting 3, including non Fone Logistics customers.

Fone Logistics head of marketing Julien Parven said he hoped the event would provide an opportunity to increase its customer base. Amongst those in attendance were BPD, Excell, One Point, About Comms 101 and Talk Fair.

RIM  spoke to dealers about its new BES Express product as well as providing additional information on other RIM products and services. INQ was also in attendance and demonstrated its INQ Chat 3G handset.

Parven said: “We have worked with 3 in its business to business capacity since 2008 and have since successfully developed and grown its share in the SME market place. The feedback so far has been positive and we are always on the look out for new customers.”