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Lesson #13: The Amazing Cabbage or the story of GOYA

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a small but perfectly formed salesperson. He seemed to have been around forever, nobody knew where he came from originally and nobody ever felt the need to ask.

In fact rumour had it that many had tried previously and had never been seen or heard of again.

He had a small cat named Reginald who could operate any smartphone using only the power of his mind whilst under the influence of grade A catnip, but he would need to take a long nap afterwards.

One day the salesperson awoke to find a huge cabbage under his bed that smelt distinctly of pomegranates with a faint whiff of his dearly departed grandmother’s favourite perfume.

So he took it downstairs and placed it on his favourite chair.

Reginald took a break from sending an email to investigate this exciting development. At that precise moment a doorbell rang. The salesman went to answer the door, which was a bit silly really as it hadn’t been his doorbell.

Reginald pawed at the incredible cabbage and then curled up for a nap in the bright sunshine that was bathing the bench under the French windows at the rear of the cottage.

The salesperson, feeling slightly embarrassed after the doorbell incident returned to his desk and settled down to work. At that precise moment his telephone rang and the salesman knew instinctively that it was his grandmother.

How the salesman knew that it was his grandmother remains a mystery to this day.

The cabbage made lovely soup, Albert didn’t like it but the salesman made a perfectly acceptable living from that day onwards appearing on daytime TV shows promoting his book ‘The amazing Cabbage that I found one day that made me a lovely bowl of soup… and even washed up afterwards’ 

Reginald slept through it all.

And the morale of the story… It’s amazing how much your mind wanders when you are up against a deadline and have writers block.
Or alternatively…  There are lots of distractions in this industry including a lot of what is written, only some of which is read and not all of which has a point. It’s easy to loose focus.

So spend your time wisely… on those things that will actually make a difference for the better. Think… what could you have achieved in the last five minutes or so if you hadn’t been reading this drivel?

Stop procrastinating… Put down the Mobile News… Get Off Your A*$e and go and actually do the one thing that you have been putting off all week.

Make it happen right now. Yes, right now before you do anything else. Reginald will know if you don’t.

Alasdair Jeffrey is an independent consultant in the mobile, IT and fixed line industries.

This article originally apperared in Mobile News 459 (March 15, 2010).

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